I am a child counselor and would like to develop the potential of young talents.

I graduated from UC Berkeley and studied neurobiology, now a graduate student at Pepperdine University working towards my master degree in Psychology. I aim to become an education consultant who works closely with educational institutions to provide a supportive environment for development of individuals.

I provide counseling to increase confidence, determination and self-efficacy. Children are overprotected but not supported. They are told what to do but not learn to seek what or how to do it. My counseling helps students to comprehend and take ownership of their challenges and assemble a team to nudge themselves forward.

For example, students often do not understand their shortcomings in schoolwork and result in a bad grade without knowing what to adjust because unable to pinpoint their mistakes e.g. missing assignments, poor performance on exams, lack of participation. We help them to examine the issues and guide and support them to improve the situation.

If you are overwhelmed and not know what to do to develop your children’s talents or potentials. Let me join your team, let mentors join your team and let schools join your team. Your children deserve to be understood and supported the way they demand. I foster parenting: instead of going against your children’s will, be part of the supporting team.

Different from other counseling, we don’t just discussion, we request all parties to join to develop children’s potentials and require real execution to produce results. Different from other tutoring, we don’t feed information, we encourage and teach students to seek their own solution and improvement. We stop making decisions for students, rather, we have a conversation about the consequences and support their decisions.