If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our clients so fast.

It is vital to accept mistakes in the past so you can move towards a more lucrative future. Keeping that idea in mind, and make it better, we reflect upon past performances in every session and transform to a learning experience. Finally, we come up with a series of tasks to work on personal development. The next milestones and key results that you wish to achieve are discussed in detail and held accountable.

Every milestone is inspected from three different angles:

  •  Autonomy – Is this milestone just for yourself or are you doing it for others? Why is it so important for you to achieve
  • Competence – What are the talent and skills required to complete these tasks? Can you anticipate potential hurdles and prepare yourself for it to increase efficacy?
  • Relatedness – How will the outcome affect you and others in your life? Would you get sufficient support for this decision? How will this benefit you in the long run?
We gradually reinforce the importance of desired outcome and the impact of each action.  Readiness for success, along with preparation required to guarantee the expectation of success is also taken into account.
To put it in a nutshell, a counselor helps you examine and internalize commitment which is autonomy, competence, and relatedness, along with readiness that means expectation of success, and desirable outcome of tasks that helps to work towards future. After a thorough discussion, tasks are broken down into approachable and doable actions depending upon your strengths, weaknesses, and other insights we have gained. The consequence of inaction and outcomes of actions are explained in great detail so you comprehend properly. You are held accountable for actions with deadlines and nudges (slight help).

What we do?


Our sole objective is to familiarize you with the concept of self-efficacy through reflective learning, so you actually believe in your abilities and skills to achieve life goals. Our counseling system is specifically designed to prevent failure from becoming discouragement for action. The idea is to help people develop sense of meaning and significance from certain actions and change of behavior, while holding you accountable. We anticipate objections you are likely to face and provide support so procrastination or inaction doesn’t come into play.


Reflect on Past and Do Better from Here On


Regular meetings take place between the client and counselor so we can evaluate on self-efficacy related performance in the past and gain new insights from shortcomings (if any), while talking about tasks for developmental objective due before the commencement of the next session.


Progress Report and Accessible Support


Our team creates a timeline, which is basically an updated progress report consistent with each objective and supporting online resource. This is not done to scare or intimate but to encourage advancement.


Accountability Management


To keep tabs on actions, reminders are set while starting and completion. We want to hold clients accountable, so each action is verified.


Sponsor Support


No one should face the challenge alone and find someone you trust to help you to achieve your goal. We will ask you to sign an agreement with a sponsor of your choice and the person will help us to hold you accountable and support you action when you are out of reach.


Nudge and Support


Every client is assigned a Slack channel, which is a team of people who advise them when urgent assistance is required. To prevent hurdles slowing down your momentum of executions, those are considered as shortcomings and brought up for discussion during the next session. Even though it doesn’t seem that way, these obstacles help to gain new insights about each client, which prepares you for upcoming challenges.


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