What do student say about LearnMast

Student Review

LearnMast is a great place to share your problems because there will always be counselors or students who help you with it and trying their best to solve the problem. You will also learn how to manage yourself to have better time management and also improve academics to the top.
3 years in LearnMast, pursuing MD-PhD, and aim to find cure of Alzheimer's disease
Huntington Middle School​
In the session, I can have a safe space to get solutions for my problems and ask questions that I'm confused about. Michael is accepting and respectful. I will recommend LearnMast to students similar to me, who have confusions and questions but don't know who they should ask. I would recommend LearnMast, because it clears my confusions and I can make my own decisions. Unlike other institutions, who just forces you to follow their guidelines from successful cases.
2 years in LearnMast, pursuing Criminal Lawyer JD Program at Columbia University
San Marino High School​
LearnMast helps me raise grades, establish study habits, have responsive platform on Slack in case I need immediate help for my homework or study. I learned the flaws in my study habit and my academic performance improved overnight.
2 Years in LearnMast, raised 2.6 to 4.0 GPA
Huntington Middle School
We were hoping for USC admission at best. Scarlett and I could not believe the UC Berkeley Acceptance letter from our mailbox. Michael has great faith at my daughter's ability and it pushed her to believe in herself.
3-Year in LearnMast, proud UC Berkeley's parents

Tutoring undermines your children's learning ability.

I want to teach them how to learn and grow, so they have the tools to do so for the rest of their life

- Michael Cho, founder of LearnMast

“To have someone listen to my experience and provide support and feedback.”
“Michael helps me and analyze my situation with me.”
“Michael helps me when there are questions I don’t know and finding new ways of figuring things out (Through YOU)”
“Good information (I don’t know any other institutions in the market.)”
“Describe the program and the benefits of it. I would recommend that …. inspiration”
“because it’s good”
“set goal and get help immediately online”
“Great at figuring out any type of questions you may have regarding life, school, or future career”
“I am more confident and not afraid of going to NYU anymore.”
“Michael pushes me to do more, and I guess I enjoy it.”
“Michael trains me to become a human – I now know who I am and what I am doing.”
“Michael helped me to learn how to express myself in this world”
“Thank you for meeting with me, I had never talked to anyone in this depth.”